Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun Carts

My kids LOVE “fun carts.” Fun carts are those horrible, awful, terrible, germ encompassed clearly-not-invented-by-a-parent-who-ever-had-to-push-one shopping carts with steering wheels. They beg for us to get one and many times they are just not available or are in such disrepair… looking like a broken down amusement park ride that you might see in a scrap metal yard. Whatever state we find them in they are the most fun and exciting thing to my kids and even though I know as I am putting them in there that there will be scrapping between them over someone touching the other’s steering wheel. I also know that I will  most definitely take out some poor unsuspecting person in another aisle merely trying to drive the thing (and because the cart extends to about 8ft in front of you it is almost a guarantee to hit someone or something).

The one thing that I have noticed though that makes these carts different from all others is control. I think that many times my kids think they are having some control over where the cart goes. Hayden is old enough to where he has pretended that he is driving a police car racing to help someone in need and I may or may not have helped by pushing it really fast (in open areas so as not to wipe out that family of 6 that opted out of the fun cart experience)and making siren noises. Emerie just loves to drive. My sweet in-charge, I AM the boss baby girl loves to drive and rarely takes her hands off the wheel except to give her brother a hug or tries to reach for something or decides to try to stand or…well you get the idea.

One thing is true for both of them…control. They both like to feel like they are in control and driving the fire engine cart. I got to thinking about that this morning. Don’t we all like to drive/be in control? Even the most timid of us like to be in control of something or everything. How about this...have you ever noticed that there is only one steering wheel in a car? Just as there is typically one pastor who is ultimately responsible for leading a church, there is one steering wheel in a car. Just imagine if we had more than one in a non-drivers ed type of car. We would be driving in circles!

But beyond that I was thinking about that crazy fun cart and how I am just like my kids in that cart or at least I should be!  I want to drive or at least think that I am and have some control over where I am going and what I am doing but the reality is….I am in the cart (or at least I need to be). When my kids are in the cart, they are safe, I am able to keep them under my care and protect them from many foes that lie within your fill- in- the- blank- big box store. I am able to decide where they need to go and whether or not this trip includes a trip past the bakery department for their free cookie. They can’t get out without my help. They often can’t reach for things that they may want to hold or inspect from the shelves unless I allow it.

Another benefit of being in the cart is the guidance and direction that comes from it. My kids don’t have to think about where the cart is going; they can just enjoy the ride. I don’t think that either of them has any idea that one should be required to have a CDL endorsement on their license in order to drive one. They just simply…ready for this? They trust the driver! WOW!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not always so pleasant especially for Emerie who would rather be out exploring or Hayden who would much rather be helping me by grabbing things from the shelves. How often do we fuss to get out of the cart or get out of the cart only to realize that we were safer inside? That we simply need to just trust the “driver, “and our needs will be met and we will be safe. I admit it is very hard at times to stay inside of the cart and not get out to go after what I think I need. Sometimes I even get mad at the cart and the condition of it and think that there must be a better one out there somewhere and yet there isn’t.

I don’t know that I will ever love the literal “fun carts” like my kids do, but you know what? I LOVE the joy and excitement that I get the privilege, as their mom, to witness. It ALMOST makes it worth it to scour the parking lot and entry ways to find one and wipe it down with half a bottle of hand sanitizer and a package of baby wipes. Remember…stay in the cart, sit down, leave your seatbelt on but most importantly….trust the driver because He loves you with an almighty love!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is it really almost 2013?

Yikes! We've had a whole other baby (#2) since I last posted anything. Our sweet baby girl came 6 weeks earlier than planned this past June & has done very well.

I also started a hat, accessories etc crochet business called Cutie Cakes Hats in November it's making sense what happened to my blog...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It all started with a simple Facebook status...

A few days ago I did what so many people do...I vented, on Facebook. It wasn't about a relationship gone wrong or something a family member did to tick me off (that's lame and childish anyways). It was simply about my frustration about trying to find my little meatball a pair of shoes for his little feet, which seem to be growing at lightening speed lately!

And what I got back in return was unexpected. A friend emailed me a few shopping tips for our teeny town which is not the shopping metropolis that one might mistake it for HA! Then we caught up about life in and out of ministry. In just a couple of days we have exchanged emails that read more like a face to face conversation which I love and out of it came some huge, desperately needed reflections and encouragement.

This friend, forwarded me this devotional and something happened. It was like someone opened a window in the attic of my heart and started clearing away some of the cobwebs (I always thought that sounded nicer than spiderwebs).

It realized that I feel like our garden. It started out as a decent space and looked alright. We had great ideas about what to do with what would hopefully pop up through the dirt. Rather than robust vegetables we got weeds. Paul planted it and did a great job but over time the weeds grew up and choked everything out. Now it's hard to tell what we planted in the first place except for a few weathered and faded seed packets, that if I squint, I can still read them.

The little meatball and I walk out there around the side of the house where the "garden" is and all I see is weeds. I look at them and remember buying them and the thoughts I had about them but they are only memories. No real fruit or vegetables. Somehow time got away from me & other things became more important (& often more urgent) than weeding.

I look at the weeds and don't know where to start or what is critical to deal with because it all looks like a mess.Then I remember that God can do a lot with a little, even what seems to be a useless weed patch (which is how I feel at times).

Friday, June 10, 2011


Have you ever been stuck?
In traffic?
A long line at Wal-Mart (who hasn't!)
In the mud?
A vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself?

I feel like I am there.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to get out or even how you got there in the first place.
Sometimes you have been there so long that you can't remember how you got there in the first place.

I want to be content and I want OFF of this treadmill...I just need to do it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 13. Write about something you would like to change about yourself for the better.

That's a hard one because in some respects I could make a long list and then there are those verses about God making me the way that I am and knowing me in my mother's womb. There are also verses about God using everything for good and knowing what is best for me so all of that makes me wonder what I SHOULD change about myself since He has made me just the way that I am apart from free will and all that...

But then there are my thoughts...

~ I wish I was thinner... (but I am 30lbs thinner than I was before having a baby).
~ I wish I looked different...(but my husband thinks I am beautiful & our son looks at me like there is no one he would rather stare at).
~ I wish I picked a different career/job... (but I wouldn't be able to spend the time that I do with our baby boy).
~ I wish I was more popular... (but then I might not notice the kids/people on the fringe that many popular people don't).
~ I wish all of the people I care about were within visiting distance without requiring a plane ride or long drive...( but then I might not be appreciative of the time I do get to spend with them & might not make our time more quality based).

So you see, I'm just not sure how to REALLY answer that question because I know in the end, God is working (VERY HARD- not due to His inability but my knuckle-headedness) to make me more like Jesus every day and that can't be a bad thing. I know that it doesn't mean that I get to kick back and do nothing. Instead I do need to realize that there are lots of things to work on but to remember why I want to change something before I go and grab the proverbial hammer and start tearing down the walls of my heart and mind. Although sometimes it seems like it could be a good idea....