Monday, May 25, 2009

Changes....they are a comin'

I am not referring to President Obama's epitatph either. I had thought of something that I wanted to post but made the mistake of not writing it down.

Things are winding down here with our life here in Alaska.The beginning of May marked 2yrs here and the end of the month will mark the beginning of an uncertain new beginning. May 31st is coming quick and it is an exciting and scarey day all rolled into one. I don't doubt that God has something up his sleeve but we just don't know what that is yet. I am sure I will look back on this post months from now and smile for one reason or another! Either way it's a win win situation since I know God has our best interests in mind.

I have been working through a Bible Study on Contentment. Today there were a couple of statements that have stuck in my head all day.

1. Have you ever considered that complaining springs from an ungrateful heart?
2. Our complaining mouths only highlight the ungreatful attitudes pervading our hearts.

It would be SOOO easy to complain about things right now but I am TRYING so hard to remember that God is not sleeping or unaware of what is going on with us individually & together. He could have stopped or changed any of what is going on right now but hasn't so I have to believe it is for our betterment.

I sure wish I could remember what I was originally going to write about but this is what was on my heart tonight! Hopefully it won't be another year before I write again!

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