Tuesday, October 6, 2009

holy experience

No need to check your calendar,it really IS Tuesday. Anytime that I sat down to write my head started swimming and stomach started churning. Funny thing about morning sickness...for me it has yet to really strike in the morning. But anyways onward to my Gratitude journal!

41. Our baby. Even though there are days when s/he kicks my butt, I am grateful that after a year of trying we are going to HAVE A BABY!

42. My awesome husband who went to get me some really good snacks for the many times lately where nothing sounds good.

43. God's perfect timing. I have read of many instances in others' lives lately where God does what only God does best!

44. My Jr Church class. Like it often happens, they have taught me a lot these past few weeks that I have filled in for my MIL.

45. My in-laws. They are great and very supportive in so many ways!

46. My parents (see above) . I am looking forward to going and spending a week with them this month.

47. Great supportive friends who say they will pray for everything from A-Z.

48. A house where we can stretch out, relax and hopefully make it our own.

49. Finding a doctor! I wasn't sure where to begin since most everyone that I know here is well beyond child bearing years.

50. A supportive church family! I have 2 new Grandmas! They probably don't even know that I have adopted them but I have!

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