Wednesday, November 25, 2009

holy experience

As I sit here trying to think about writing the perfect thankful Thanksgiving post there are many things that come to mind. Some are spiritual things, some are practical things, some physical, etc.

It is so easy to get frustrated with details, desires, haves and have-nots sometimes. Last Sunday our pastor asked for thankfulness testimonies in between singing verses of a song. One senior saint stood and asked "How many of us are thankful for what we DON'T have?" Good thought!

I AM thankful to be free of disease and ailments. We are quite healthy most of the time and compared to some, who are battling a lot, either one of us could be on the cover of a health magazine!

I am thankful that we don't live in a country where dodging mortar rounds is a normal day in the neighborhood.

I am thankful not to have what can sometimes be the burden of wealth. Sure it would be nice to try it out but most people that I know that have a lot have a lot of problems as well! Don't get me wrong, even with what we have, we have a lot!

I am thankful for hurtful relationships/past hurts. The Bible talks a lot about the need to be broken and how important that is. I think, hope and pray that some of my deepest hurts have made me more sensitive to those in pain. I think it has also helped me come to appreciate who my husband is and isn't even more. Sure at the time that pain was awful but I honestly believe I would not have been changed for the better otherwise.

I am thankful (OK this one is tough!) for being out of work. I seriously don't like, and would dare say hate, not working. I really enjoy helping people which is most often the type of work I do and enjoy the most. In fact I feel pretty useless to our family financially and in general because I feel like my brain is atrophying as I sit here day after day. BUT because this pregnancy has literally caused me to beg for death at times ...any job I may have gotten I surely would have been fired from for calling in sick!

And finally I am thankful that God doesn't give us what we want but what we need. That saying about hindsight being 20/20 is so true. It's no wonder God makes us wait many times or says no! There have been so many times that something happens or doesn't that doesn't make sense at the time but add a few months or years and man I am so glad God didn't listen to me! One specific thing that comes to mind is this baby. If we had conceived it when we started trying when we were still in Alaska, many things would be different! I more than likely would have lost the best job I have truly EVER had because of being sick; we would not have my in-laws around for help and support (and the baby isn't even on this side of the womb yet!) ; and finally we would not have had the support of a church family like we do now.

What have-nots are you thankful for?

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