Thursday, November 19, 2009

Answered Prayer

Sorry to those of you who actually check in here....I hope to be back to being more regular with my posting!

I got to thinking about something the other day that I wanted to write about and even wrote myself a note so I didn't forget! It was more of a question rolling around in my brain after a sermon in church one Sunday morning that interestingly enough was not even loosely connected to said thought/question....

What if YOU are the answer to someone's prayer?
Would it change how you responded?
What if God set up a divine appointment that only you could make?
Would that change how you planned out your days?
Would that change how you looked at volunteering for ministry opportunities?
Attended church or Bible Study?
Shared the Gospel with others?

Think about it! There is stuff we do everyday sometimes planned sometimes not but God is aware of all of it and wants to be involved with all of it. How different would our lives be if we were always praying with open spiritual eyes for those divine appointments?

Come on! Everyone has heard a story at some point about how they were praying for something specific and then God specifically answered it oftentimes by pressing that need into someone elses heart, they responded and BOOM that original person's prayer(s) was answered!

How can you be the answer to someone's prayer today? Tomorrow? This week? Try looking you just might be surprised!

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