Thursday, December 31, 2009


We didn't do a letter this year due to being convicted by the song from the previous post so instead I decided to do a year in review...

January~ Paul was in Mexico for a missions trip with our Church in Alaska and returned in the early part of the month.

February-April~ Nothing too exciting happened other than winter in Alaska!

May~ We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.

June~ Moved to Washington from Alaska mid-month.

July-August~ Spent time camping in our trailer that we used to help move down from Alaska.

September~ Paul was hired on at the church here mid-month and we found out we will be first time parents at the end of the month! Normally May is our crazy month of changes and transitions but this year it was September!

October~ I got the chance to go to NY and spend some time with family and friends which was fun.

November~ We spent Thanksgiving with Paul's family and for the first time in our married lives we didn't have to hop on a plane to do it! I also got the chance to spend the wknd with my sista from another mama and mista (Kelly).

December~ We drove to Seattle to spend Christmas with Paul's sister and her family!

All in all a pretty good, blessed, crazy year! And I KNOW next year will be even moreso with the arrival of our little on this May 2010! Thanks for your love, support and prayers!

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