Monday, June 29, 2009

Spiritual Lessons From the Road ~ Part 2

Having a direct line of communication is Vital
Before we started our 2400 mile move we purchased a new set of walkie talkies. It was amazing how easy it made things at times! There were times when something landscapeish or automobileish (I KNOW they aren't words but sometimes it's fun to make up new ones) would get in between our two vehicles that would make communication very difficult and at times impossible. Sometimes it would be choppy and other times other radio transmissions would cut into our frequency. Many times it would happen when I wasn't able to see the back of the trailer my husband was pulling. Sometimes it was something as simple as dead batteries.

Spiritually reminded me of the Holy Spirit and how we are always able to communicate with Him. No kids chattering about how much futher til they get anything! It was wonderful knowing that my husband was just a button click away if I had a question or problem but to think that the Holy Spirit is even closer than that is mind blowing and no batteries are required!

Just like the obstacles that interrupted our transmissions, if we are not careful, we can allow obstacles and interruptions to get in between our transmissions with the Holy Spirit. It is so easy to listen to another frequency and wander off. It is easy to try and fill in the gaps when a transmission is not understood clearly (on our end of course). But how exciting it is when you capture a clear, undistracted, understandable transmission from a voice you would recognize anywhere!

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