Monday, August 3, 2009

The Toilet

Cool toilet huh? No, it isn't ours...ours is a bit different...
About 2 months ago we moved into the basement of my husband's Grandpa's house when we moved down to Washington state. He built the house and is rightly proud of that fact. The problem is that said house is 50 some odd years old and things don't work forever. In our part there is a toilet that just will not flush! You have to plan out an extra 5 minutes just to flush the dumb thing!! First you flush it then you wait until it fills again so that you can flush it a second time. If all of the stars and planets are in alinement in your're done. If not you need to start the process over again.

It has been amazing to me how such a simple (to us living in a land where flushing toilets are the only way to go...) thing can become sooooo aggravating so quickly. My husband and I have almost argued over the dumb thing because he couldn't understand why I wouldn't flush it and I couldn't understand why he didn't get that I had flushed it....about 6 times!

All of this , suprisingly, got me to thinking about how our repetitive sins must look to God. He gave us a way to deal with them and an instruction manual on how to do so and yet we still don't get it most of the time. We have to go back and flush and wait and flush and wait, not on God but on ourselves to get it together. And like the excrement in the toilet... some things are harder to flush out than others and can cause relationship difficulties with others and God.

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