Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, it finally happened.....we have the Internet again ! It's amazing and sad how disconnected I had felt. Sad to realize how easily I have slipped into just "googling it." This is especially sad since Google celebrates everything from A to Z of seeming insignificance from the anniversary of the creation of crazy glue to the birthday of the man who created band aids. (OK, so SLIGHT exaggeration...).

My point is that they acknowledge every other holiday but Easter! WHY? How can you acknowledge Christmas (and many other days that are good but not the same importance as the birth of Christ)but not Easter. I don't get it. But here I sit writing my semi-personal journal online for any and all to see and flipping back to facebook now and then to chat with a friend who is having a hard time getting to sleep.

I hadn't intended on ranting about Google but rather just mentioning that I am back and connected to those who stop by my little corner on the web!

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