Monday, September 28, 2009

holy experience

31. For the chance to go to the awesome Ewomens conference. Did I mention that it was really good?

32. Cooler weather! It's finally starting to cool down here and it has been easier to go for bike rides and walks.

33. Answered prayers!!!

34. Great friends that answer all of my crazy questions.

35. A great church that notices when I am not there! (Not that I am fishing for the attention but it's nice that people care enough to ask my husband where I am when I am not there -not often, but I wasn't feeling well last night).

36. A chance to teach Jr. Church for these past 3 weeks. It has been a lot of fun.

37. That my mom is a Christian. I pray her relationship with Jesus will comfort her as she begins this journey with (potential) cancer.

38. Having a great interview today. No matter what happens it was a good experience.

39. Red Box movies! They are cheap and a fun and easier way to get a movie rather than fighting your way thru Blockbuster! It has made movie nights more fun believe it or not!

40. Being in God's will and His grace!! I learned a lot at the conference that I need to put into action!

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