Thursday, September 24, 2009

There is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately. Blogging. It's something people have been doing in some form literally since the creation of man. Sure there were people in past times who may have etched their days out on a stone wall and now we have a souped up electronic version but in the end it's all the same... people sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences with others.

This thought really struck me when I was reading .
Here you have this couple who, at first glance, seem like ordinary people...and then you read their blog and learn about the tremendous faith that they both possessed! It was amazing to see so many people write a note on various posts about praying for them and then when things got really rough even more people left notes saying that they were praying for them. As time went on many people, including myself, started out a post saying that we are strangers or that a friend had sent a prayer request for them or even that they stumbled onto their blog. The way people arrived at this blog doesn't seem to matter much. What does matter is that people were touched by the things that this family has gone through in a relatively short time. Here I am writing about the for the second time for the second day in a row! I don't know them...I have never even been to Texas where they are from! All, I know is that God has used this family's trials (not even sure what word would fit the best) to refresh and renew the faith of so many of us who have been touched by their lives and simply stopped for a moment to read their writings on the wall.

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