Thursday, September 24, 2009

But I have a good reason...

So here it is... Wednesday ...nope scratch that! It is now Thursday. I had fully intended to write a few different times this week and it just hasn't happened until now. We have been busily packing my husband's Grandfather's house up so that we can unpack our own stuff and officially move in. He moved into retirement housing last weekend and we are now living in his place...for now. It would be nice to throw away our moving boxes someday...good grief they deserve a rest those poor over worked boxes!

Today, I found out about a family who I just "met" through their blog this morning and oh my! I read their entire blog in two sittings (started it this morning and then finished up tonight). I only "know" this family through the window that they have opened into their life through their blog. And what a window it is! My heart has been heavy all day for them. Even with that said, it is exciting to know that I will meet this incredibly, inspriring woman someday in Heaven. I don't say that in a all-good-people-go-to-Heaven sort of way nor do I believe that(if you want to know more about what I mean by that feel free to contact me). She was a believer with kind of incredible faith that causes embarrassment to me for my own lack of faith!

I will let you decide for yourself! Grab a comfortable seat and a box of tissues it is worth a few moments of your time!

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