Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Which Hat Would You Wear?

So, I went for what has become my daily bike ride yesterday . I was wearing one of my Yankee's hats representin' the home team like I always do when I want to spare the public from what lurks underneath and it got me to thinking. Here I am riding through town with this hat on my head representing a team that most people either love or hate but at the very least know who they are. And when some of those people saw my hat I am sure some of them had very specific thoughts about the team if they follow baseball. Either way, it said something about me and probably caused a few people to wonder why I had it on.

Now keep in mind it's a normal hat, nothing unusual about it but it still says something. What if, as Christians, we wore a hat? A specific hat that is fairly clear what it represents like a baseball team hat. Something that clearly identifies us and sends a message to others. What would that message say? How would it be received? Would you wear or buy such a hat? Why or why not?

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