Monday, September 14, 2009

holy experience

It's hard to believe that it is Monday again already!

21. MY HUSBAND GOT THE JOB!!! We were candidating at a church here in Washington and yesterday the church voted to hire him on as the associate pastor to youth and young families.

22. For this awesome church referred to above. They have been more loving, supportive and welcoming in the past three months than we have seen in years.

23. For my awesome husband who will just sit in his truck parked at Wal-Mart to talk about life and the ups and downs of recent times. I am so blessed to have a husband who WANTS to talk and WANTS to work at our relationship to make it the best it can be.

24. Bella- our dog. I am pretty sure that I have mentioned her before and even if I did I am mentioning her again (is that cheating even if I am grateful still? LOL). She is just plain funny. She does goofy, crazy things with the best timing to make us laugh.

25. Even as much as it hurts I am grateful for rejection because it means that God has something even better. And since I thought that job opportunity was the best one then I can't even imagine what He has in store!

26. Godly women who blog. There are many of you out there. I especially appreciate the ones that are raw and honest and make me feel as though they are in the trenches right along with me.

27. My friend Aimee. We met on a Pastor's wives forum over a year ago now and she has been more to me and for me than I could ever express! It is amazing how God handpicks people and drops them into our lives at the perfect time and she is one such perfectly timed friend.

28. Our first ladies Bible study of the season. It went great and only 2 people were not able to be there due to vacations! I was very encouraged and so grateful that they decided to take a chance on someone new and come.

29. My former boss who was then and is now more like a big brother or favorite uncle. I care for this man as though he were truly family. He's just a great guy. He's always been super encouraging, a wonderful mentor and just all around great. And to think back to how rough our beginnings were and how I almost didn't take the job...partly because he scared me to death. And in the end it was by far one of the greatest experiences ever. It was by far the best job that I can remember having and a lot of that is because of him. Thank you WESLEY! (Yes, I sure did use your first name! FIRE ME LOL)

30. For being wired by my experiences and by God's grand design to value people more than projects. Sure it hurts sometimes and sure it even causes me to shed tears but to know people on a deeper level than "Hi," is so worth it in the end. It is asking "How are you," and sticking around for the answer.

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