Saturday, September 12, 2009

Encouragement & Irony

Well, those were my two themes today. Encouragement is the topic of the new ladies Bible study at church that I started teaching today. It was a great morning and I was ready to charge the gates of Hell with a squirt gun as a former pastor used to say! I should have known that there would be a spiritual speedbump somewhere...the bump has a name...Irony.

My second theme of the day is...irony because I received the rejection letter from the ONE job that I REALLY wanted, hoped for and prayed for that seemed like a perfect fit. But instead of a phone call asking me to come in to talk about starting on October 1, I received THE letter instead. When I saw the ad it seemed like the perfect fit and right in line with my experience. Apparently they didn't agree.

It's very hard sometimes, this line that we often straddle between believing God will do something and wondering if and when. And sometimes still wondering if He has forgotten us and our situation. I know what the Bible says but sometimes I don't FEEL what the Bible says. I don't mean feel in the ooshy-gooshy sense of the word but rather many times my faith to believe what it says is lacking.

Tomorrow is the big vote. The vote that decides whether or not my husband got the job at the church.

Just a little sad, a little hopeful and a lot disappointed. Thanks for your prayers.

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