Tuesday, September 1, 2009

holy experience

So, I had written an entire blog…and my computer decided to freeze at the very same time that I hit send…arrrgh…either way…take 2 is below with what I could remember from the first time around.

Ok so I am not really all that sure how it happened...ok well MAYBE I do. I had intended on writing my entry for Multitude Mondays and here it is 1219am on TUESDAY! What's worse is that I read a blog entry on prioritizing your time and your prayer time to at A Holy Experience & still didn’t get things done as I needed to today.

I decided to participate in Gratitude Mondays with Anna V like so many others who read her blog. I know I for one have been working to be content & grateful for what I have.

I am grateful for…

1. An amazing & encouraging husband who seems to know what I need & when I need it. He brought me a caramel macchiato the other day. The funny part of this for friends who have known me for more than oh… 2yrs will tell you that I despised coffee or anything even remotely resembling it…but that’s another story! My point is that it was totally unexpected! He would tell you that he messes up a lot. I would tell you that he does pretty well.

2. a place to live. We could have easily been living in our cars but instead we have a place to lay our heads & a whole bunch of stuff! It can be frustrating at times but then I remember what could have been & am then more grateful for what is. When we knew we would be leaving Alaska with no idea of where to go or what was next we talked with my husbands parents & asked about moving in with his Grandfather who graciously said yes which brings me to #3.

3. time with my husband’s Grandfather. There are so many times that I wish that any of my 4 grandparents were still alive & wonder what they would say or think about where I am at in life, about my life & just …well life in general…wonder if I could squeeze another lif….just kidding. But in all seriousness, I have come to realize how precious time with people like his Grandpa is & how no matter what or where we go in life we will probably not get another chance like this

4. time with my husband. As much as it drives me CRAZY to not be working right now I have come to realize that the time we have had together all summer has been a gift! I said something to him the other day about how, there is probably very little chance that we would have this time together again for a very long time if ever. And what better time than in the summer?

5. my dog. I know, I know it sounds crazy. How could I be grateful for a hairy, crazy little barking pooping machine but I am. I remember growing up always having a dog by my side at some point during each day & when I grew up & moved out the dogs & cats stayed behind. I vowed that I would get a dog as soon as I was able to & I did & even though she makes me crazy at times (like 5 minutes ago when she decided she wanted to try & go to the bathroom ONE MORE TIME at 2am!). She is funny, loyal, crazy & clumsy. Yes, I said clumsy. She can trip over a painted line if given the opportunity & 9 times out of 10 it is hilarious. The remaining 1 time is not so funny because it usually involves thoughts like “Hmm…I wonder if we should have bought her a helmet,” “I wonder if dogs can get a TBI?”

6. where we live. I seriously REALLY like it here. Maybe it’s the fact that I am happy to be in a place where we finally feel like we fit or maybe just glad to be out of the last place as a whole. I don’t know but either way I like it here! People joke that there isn’t much going on but I see promise & potential!

7. diabetes & an awesome doctor who jumped right on some things that she saw in some tests that didn’t look right. As a result of being told that I am prediabetc, I have made many lifestyle changes. I have worked on better eating habits, exercise habits…well I HAVE exercise habits now! It has truly saved my life in many ways. Sure, there are times when you can do everything right & it still doesn’t work in your favor but even then I know I have already made better choices & feel better.

8. a great mentor. Do you know what she did? She wrote a bunch of us girls, the ones that she was close with, mentored & befriended at least 10yrs ago & asked us how & what she could pray for for us. Now, that may not sound like that big of a deal BUT if you knew just how busy this woman is …it is a big deal! The fact that she has so many people in front of her in her own church & community & yet she reached out to a few of use that she knew way back when! CLP, if you ever read this, please know that you are the best sista-friend a girl could ask for & I am more grateful than I could ever say in 2 lifetimes!

9. that God gives us what we need not want. Don’t get me wrong, there are many times where I would rather have my wisdom teeth extracted through my nose than to say that out loud or feel that way but in the end its true. It’s easy to say it when things are going well & we can say it like we had some part in it but in reality it was God’s timing, His grace & His will to do that thing in our life.

10. for opportunities to start over. Another one of those things that is about as hard to swallow as a calcium pill or a super duper multi-vitamin! One thing I have come to loathe is moving & starting over. In our three short years of marriage we have lived in three states & moved over a dozen times! BUT, as much as I truly don’t like starting over, its nice not to be stuck where it just isn’t working! Whether that be a job, community, church or surroundings sometimes its just nice to change it all up.

Well, speaking of starting over…I have a meeting & an interview tomorrow at two separate places so I should get on to bed!

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