Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Even though it is JUST after midnight here...it is still before in Alaska & Hawaii ...OK fine so we don't live in Alaska anymore and I am not in Hawaii... either way here is my Gratitude List for this week.

I am grateful for....

11. two sets of dirty clothes, dishes, etc because that means that I no longer live by myself (and haven't since May 6, 2006).

12. for God working out the little details of life like the perfect used washing machine at just the right time for us to pick up to replace the broken down one where we are staying.

13. the willingness of my husband's Grandfather to descend upon him and move in.

14. having a new church family that has truly taken us in and cares about us.

15. books like The Shack that revolutionize and challenge my thinking.

16. the mind and abilities to be able to read, listen and think about books like The Shack.

17. the sensitivity for others that has come in part from my own hard times, hard knocks and hard lessons.

18. that even though to me something is a hard time, really, in the grand scheme of things and compared to many, they aren't THAT hard.

19. for living in a place that has 4 seasons! I LOVE Fall!!

20. that God knows what He is doing and doesn't punish me for asking if He is sure that He knows how to do His job.

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