Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God & Diaper Changes

I remember spending time with my friend Rashaun about 10 years ago (eeek- it HAS been that long) and she was talking about her daughter. She was talking about how having her has been a life of life lessons directly from God. I tucked that thought away into the "if and when I have kids someday" file and more or less forgot about it.

Fast forward 10 years and add a little person....

Boy if that isn't the truth!!! I was thinking during one of our middle of the night wrestling sessions changing sessions about how much MY relationship with Baby H can be like my relationship with God. I know, I know, why on earth would I be thinking such a semi-deep thought at 4am?!?! Anyways....I am in no way saying I am even sort of like God because he wouldn't be thinking things like "Seriously kid? It's a diaper change! Settle!"

I am, however, saying that I do the same thing that H does...God attempts to do something for my good and I fight and wrestle away...and it makes just about as much sense as H fighting me when I try to remove a poopy diaper!

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