Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So....we had been talking about Christmas trees and whether or not to get a real one or a fake one, from where, when etc.

Last night Paul said he had to go back out and came home with a tree!!!

I finished getting H ready for bed and quickly but not too quickly went through our nighttime bed routine. Once he was asleep I went to help Paul bring the tree in....OK so I stood in front of the door with my fuzzy slippers and gloves that he gave me to put on. My job was to "guide the tree in so that it didn't knock anything over." I must have done a good job because everything including us and furniture was all still upright!  Once we got it set up he put the lights on (my least favorite job) and he unwrapped, unboxed and handed me the ornaments (his least favorite job). We got the tree all done and it was hard not to go and get H and bring him out to show him the tree...I resisted however, I think he knew there was something going on because he woke up shortly after we sat down to admire the tree. (clearly I am still re-arranging and need to continue to build up our ornament collection).
Christmas Tree 2010

I woke up this morning excited to bring H out and show him the tree and waited until Paul got the camera all ready to capture, either through still pictures or moving ones, the look of awe and excitement of seeing a brightly lit be-decked (I think that is a word...if not it sounds like a decorating word and I'm going with it) tree in the corner of our living room. I even made sure that neither one of us looked too crazy so that I didn't grimace in years to come of looking at said pictures. Then it happened.....


He looked at the tree a little bit and then he looked at Bella.....REALLY???

I get it that is only 6 1/2 months old but really? (I know he is capable! Look at that smile in the picture to the left!).That's all you're going to give us? I should have expected that though for 2 reasons.

1. Paul thought it might be fun to get him a jack in the box for Christmas. I told him that I saw one at Target. We found it and decided to show it to him to see what he would do. I turned the crank and we waited as the anticipation continued to build....then the lid flipped open and the jester-like clown popped out and....nothing. He looked at it then at us as if to say "Really? Did you really just bring me here for this?" Man this kid is one tough crowd!
2. It's my fault....

I do the same thing almost every time that God has something great for me, and I don't know this for sure but I can imagine, that God is excited to reveal it to me and then I look at that particular thing just like H looked at the tree and poor jack. He spent time waiting for me to "wake up the next morning" and then I look at it like it's no big deal.


I pray that I better remember to anticipate the surprise that God has waiting for me in the "morning" from now on! After all, just another day of life, breath in my lungs, good health and a day with my wonderful family is gift enough! I just have to remember to look at each day like I expected H to look at that tree....


Recovering Church Lady said...

Ha! I am new here & love your blog!
Maybe baby was wondering why in the world you brought an outside tree inside?!
Another evidence of his wisdom would be not flinching at the jack-in-the-box. Could come in handy in later years when he is a able to be the cool calm one in the middle of chaos?!
Cute post.

Heidi said...

LOL! Thanks so much for reading AND for commenting! I always see that people have been here but never know what they thanks! And yes, he is very much the cool calm one! Most of the time lol!

Heidi said...
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