Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lessons from a babe...

So here it is 2011. You know you are getting older when you were in the middle of starting your blog post and realized you needed your glasses & when you came back you have no idea where that line was headed! True story!!

This past Christmas was the best one that I can remember (second only to the year that Paul & I got engaged)! It was our first Christmas as a family of 3 (well 3 humans anyways!). I wasn't sure what to expect since H had just turned 7 months old on Christmas Eve but he seemed to have fun. He would tear at the wrapping paper & once he got the piece that he wanted he would look at us as if to ask permission to eat it or confirmation that what he had just done was OK. I have said it before (& I think the turn my blog has taken will make this evident) it is amazing how much you can learn about God from an infant/child!!

1. If only....if only we all looked at God when we did something to see if He approves or not. Of course it would be better if we ASKED God AHEAD of time, but, considering that doesn't always happen it sure would be nice if we looked to Him to see if what we did was OK or right each step of the way.

2. If only... if only we reached up to God the way a child does to their parent. In the past couple of weeks H has started putting his arms up to request to be picked up. I had been working with him a little on this very thing. (I am in no ways taking any of the credit for that because I think that he just figured it out.) When I walk over to him I ask him if he wants "up" & then when he raises his arms I would gently lift him up. I can only imagine how that feels to him to be rewarded with a warm embrace! Sometimes I wish we could feel that embrace from God in just as tangible/physical way!

Would it change anything?

Would it change us?

Would we request it more often?

Scripture says that we are to come to God as a little child so at what point do we stop?


Julie Wenzel said...

Did you get new blog wallpaper...or am I really not as observant as I have always thought? Loved your post girls have taught me soooo much. JUST WAIT till they tell you something & you realize God has just used their mouths to speak audibly and directly to you. That freaks me out every time. I must admit, I look at your photos...and I miss them being babies. But they are so much darn fun @ this age. I admit it, I love my teenagers - and continue to be learn about God from them. :)

Heidi said...

LOL@ Julie! Yes, I did get new wallpaper about a month or so ago. Thanks for noticing and commenting! I like when people comment because then I know they have been here!

Thanks for the encouragement too!