Thursday, January 20, 2011

I got stole the idea to do a top 10 of 2010 from my friend Julie who blogs over at The Church Girl. Although I think mine will be a "best of " list and I am going to fight against every fiber within me since it is my very nature to list them and assign numbers for organizational purposes...

~Paul & I got to head over to Hawaii for a 2nd time with his parents, sister and her family in February which was a nice last-time-as-a-family-of-2 get away!

~ Baby H arrived in May which of course was just about THE BIGGEST thing of the year!

~ We TRULY got to see God do amazing things through not only our church but the life of (at the time) our unborn little boy.

 ~ We saw God heal H of a few pretty profound issues before he was even born!!

~ We were able to meet some of the most amazing nurses, doctors and specialists at Children's Hospital in Seattle.

~ We became a family of 3. Technically, we became a family on May 6, 2006 but having H took it to a new level.

~ We welcomed my brother's new (and only to be clear) wife into the family in July.

~ We took a much needed trip home to NY to show off and introduce H to friends and family.

~ Our first Christmas together was great and like I mentioned before was extra special as a family of 3!

~ We've seen  God move and take care of us in new and different ways. Not new to Him, of course, but new to us, or at least me!

2011 brings us to our knees even more than before in many ways. We have many things that are up in the air right now that we are waiting on God's timing. There is little doubt that God will not provide because He always has in the most amazing ways. My prayer is that I can wait and hold back my hand from snatching my life back.

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Julie Wenzel said...

You can steal my ideas anytime love! I loved your list. Miss you!