Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 10. What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? (Or just woman in general?)

WOW! You know I looked at this question a few weeks ago when I should have been answering it and didn't and I would have answered it so differently then! There have been so many things going through my heart and mind lately. God has really been wooing me and calling me back to Him these past few weeks. I knew I had wandered but until recently never truly realized how far away I had gone.

As a Child of God...

I recently had a friend ask about Baptism of the Holy Spirit so the Husband and I studied that or rather he TAUGHT me about it (I am so blessed to have such and amazing, patient, and Godly man!).

One Sunday night we talked about submission in evening Bible study and that sparked a series of conversations at home about submission and I realized that even after all of the Bible college classes I still never really understood it. It is amazing how freeing it can be to truly understand something !

This week I have been working through bitterness, resentment and contentment. It is amazing how deep you can get into a funk! And how quickly! I have been learning a lot of things that aren't new necessarily, just things that didn't stick the last time I looked at them.

As a Mom...
I have been learning in real life lessons about how much of a 24/7 job it is. And about how even the worst moments are still the best. I have also been thinking about how even in those hard moments I know of three friends that would LOVE to trade places because their children never left the hospital and that is enough to shut up my whining, ungrateful, complaining heart!

As a Friend...
I have been learning that sometimes just being there is more than enough. Now that little H is in the picture I am learning just how important time is. I think that I always knew it. I have always tried to thank people for taking time or making time for me and my family. I have even thanked little kids for playing with me as weird as that seems. I have recently become so much more aware of how short life is. That choosing to spend 15min doing something is important because it really is 15min you won't get back so it is important to make each moment count especially with others.

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Again Heidi absolutly amazing!