Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 31: Days 8 & 9 .....

I'm just a LITTLE behind! In fact I think that the 31 days have passed,by now, since this project started. But what can I say? Life happens =)

Day 8. Have a beauty secret ? Share, please!

Not sure that I have a beauty secret...

I have always been told to drink lots of water...

Get lots of sleep but then....

There is this little person who fights against that.....

For now, I will just say that showering is about
the best beauty secret that I have!

Day 9. What virtues do you value in yourself?

Hmm.... that is sort of like telling you about how humble I am isn't it?

I like to think that I am a pretty good friend.

I am fiercely loyal.

I am a defender of those who often don't have a voice
that others will listen to...

I am a huge fan of justice & often fight for someone to get their "cookie."

I think that I am pretty thoughtful when it comes to
getting/giving things to others.

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Julie Wenzel said...

Oh one commented on this. WHAT THE HECK! :) I love, LOVE it when someone ASKS me to voice what I think... YAY! I loved reading your list, because in reading it - I realized...we have A TON in common! I echo most of your entire could just say "ditto" for me, but I part company and take exception with the friend thing. I really think I'm a crappy friend. (but the things I'm crappy at, is a list for another post! hehe!) SO, I'll add one extra to my list - because I had to take off the friend part.

I value that I have God has relentlessly pursued me and through trial by fire, grown me to a place where I can discern good from evil. "But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil." Hebrews 5:14

Love you Heidi! ~Jule